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Proactive Genealogy Resarch Tools

Solve Family History Genealogy Puzzles with Event-Based Genealogy Tools

Finally! Private, online, operating system and cross-browser compatible tools for genealogists and family historians. Perfect for anyone who is serious about their genealogy research and  especially useful for Professional Genealogists with multliple clients and projects.

Stop cluttering your family tree, your mind and your desk.
ProGenealogy is an event-based database system designed for research documentation and analysis. ProGenealogy is not a lineage-based genealogy software program which is designed to store the positive results of your research - your lineage, the people who are related, their genealogical relationships and the associated source information.

Utilize effective and efficient tools that save time and eliminate redundancy.
Start identifying possible relationship connections among the people who participated in events. Useful for a variety of situations, such as researching:

  • Friends, associates and neighbors for clues. (“Cluster” or “FAN” genealogy)
  • DNA matches to prove or disprove a relationship.
  • Same or similar surnames for possible family connections.
  • Information, ideas or leads that look promising.

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